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Finance and insurance

Finance and insurance

The market for insurances and financial products can be quite confusing. However, these often have an enormous significance, for the originators and intermediaries as well as for the consumers.

For instance, for consumers it can lead to financial imbalances if the development of a capital investment is different than what was expected or if payments under an insurance contract are not made. Also, originators or intermediaries can be confronted with serious financial claims for several reasons at once. We act in the interest of our clients in order to prevent, or at least minimize such negative impacts.

To that effect, we can provide, inter alia, special knowledge in the following sectors:

  • enforcement of insurance claims
  • reversal / revocation of life insurances and pension insurances
  • reversal / revocation of capital investments and loan agreements
  • prospectus liability
  • liability for incorrect investment advice
  • margin calls
  • reclaim of agency fees